Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Memory Board

  We moved into a new building at work last week, and the most exciting part has been the opportunity to decorate. All of the offices are painted a butter yellow, so some of my wall art doesn't match anymore. The memory board I was using now clashes with the walls. It was yellow with pineapples and green ribbon. It was on sale when I bought it. Needless to say, it needed to be updated.

  So I rifled through some boxes and found some houndstooth wool that was perfect for recovering the memory board. But I forgot to take a picture of what it looked like before I recovered it. A little back ribbon and painting the buttons black and the recover was complete.

  Here is the recovered memory board. The ribbons are not quite center, but all I have to do is add pictures.

  Much better. I should probably lower the ribbon that it hangs on, so that I can hide the big white hook. Unfortunately we can't use nails, so this is the best we have for now. Hope you like it!

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