Tuesday, April 26, 2011

June Cleaver

  Apparently there is a very fine line between blackened beef and your apartment being filled with smoke.  I have never blackened anything intentionally before. There seems to be an art to it. I wasn't aware of this fact until the kitchen was completely filled with smoke and my husband was trying to fan it away from the fire alarm, which works by the way. We ended up with an ok meal and dining al fresco inside our apt with all the windows and doors open and fans on. This was last night. Tonight all the pans that I happen to blacken as well still reside in the kitchen sink.
   - Jana

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


 The neighbor children are outside having a screaming contest. In this competition everyone loses.
     - Jana

Saturday, April 16, 2011


  I recently lost close to 10 pounds. I'm not exactly sure what my starting weight was since the only number that I had as a reference for was when I went to the doctor when I was sick and she told me the number. I told her the scale was wrong. Despite our differing opinions on the accuracy of machinery I decided that I needed to eat healthier.

 Since then I have thought about what else I could do to lose weight. To be skinnier. But skinnier isn't the point. Healthier is the point. So instead of focusing what I am lacking (the skinniness) I am focusing on what I have gained. A healthier version of myself. A me that makes me smile in the mirror instead of frown. Instead of comparing myself to others, I could just be happy with what I see when I look at myself.

  Being a part of the sisterhood of women I think we all face body image issues. I blame the media. Magazines, TV, movies all tell us what we as women should look like. Taller. Skinnier. Slimmer. Either way I am guilty of letting the media define what is beautiful and tell me what is lacking in myself. Blarney!

  Actually, I am kind of sick of seeing what the media calls Beauty. Yes, those women in the media are beautiful, but what about the rest of us? Those who do not fit inside the mold of what America has labeled Beautiful. How about we just start being happy and content with the way God made us? How about taking care of his creation (ourselves) and relish the fact that God designs all women as beautiful? I think that might revolutionize the way we see and carry ourselves.

  The old adage "God Doesn't Make Junk" is worn out even though it's true. What if it were "God Makes Beautiful Women because the Sculptor's eye only sees beings that He could fall in love with."I think that would make a big difference in the way we define beautiful. That was just on my mind this morning. Here's to all the Beautiful People out there that God created!
   - Jana