Saturday, February 12, 2011

Back Home

  After days of snow and a few more days of traveling on the road, I am back home. The thing that I love about traveling is that there is always a new experience. My most interesting experience of this past trip was quite shocking to me. My husband and my good friend, Meredith, say this always happens to me, and it seems, only to me.

  I was sitting at La Madeleine waiting for my to-go order and browsing the internet on my phone. I had my legs cross so my left foot stuck up in the air a little bit. A voice says, "I love your boots." I look up, and low and behold there is a man in scrubs (I really hope he was a doctor) who was staring at my feet.

He continues, "You know, I had a pair of boots like yours once, except the toes were much pointier. Did you know they make boots that are pointier than yours?"

"No, I wasn't aware of that."

"Yea they sure do." The Doctor-Man proceeds to tell me all about hit old pair of pointier boots while touching my foot! A complete stranger came up and started touching my foot to demonstrate how much pointier his boots were and where his boots had creases and cracks. I was so taken aback all I could do was laugh. Lesson of the day for those who are in the medical profession: even if you are a doctor please do not touch the feet of people you do not know or are not in your office seeking medical attention.

  My favorite part of the trip was meeting a dachshund named Molly in the elevator. My husband is a sucker for dogs in general, but especially dachshunds.

   - Jana

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day, Part Dos

  The low today was 8 degrees Fahrenheit. Wa-hoo! The snow and ice we received yesterday didn't melt since it never got above 20 degrees. We Texans aren't used to such wether, so we've coped by watching movies on the couch all day. I stocked up on food on Monday in expectation that we might be snowed in until Friday, which the weather isn't supposed to rise above freezing. Let it snow!

Stay Warm. - Jana

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Putting the Pieces Together

  Right before I left to go out of town for business we bought a coffee table set from Kirkland's at a great price. I was really surprised that Husband actually liked it, as he keeps me on my toes about his design sense. I posted a picture of the set a few posts back. Well, they only had the floor model and they wouldn't let me take that home, so we had to wait until the following Thursday to pick it up. Husband waited until I got back on Friday so that we could assembly the pieces together as a married couple. Awww.

  Now that the pieces are put together it's all about making the living room look good. The new pillows add some flare, but it needed more. Since today is a snow day I thought I would put the living room together to see how it looked.

I kept our large couch at my old roommate's house after I got married. Husband already had a couch, but I had a set, so we sold his, and kept mine. We just recently moved it from her house to our apartment. I love having the couch back. It is the perfect place to nap. Since the couch moved in, we moved the club chair to the bedroom to try to make a reading nook. And that's the new coffee table and end tables.

Husband got this book for Christmas, and that is a favorite vase of mine.

Here's a close up of the iron work that hangs above the couch.

A view of the whole living room. I think we need a rug and some curtains to go over the window. Since it's a snow day they would have really come in handy to block out some of the cold that the wind sends searing through the window.

And another view of the coffee table. My family are big blanket people, so no living room is complete without a basketful of blankets. They're hidden behind the end table between the love seat and couch.

We've also made a few changes to our bedroom and were finally able to hang our pictures that we bought at Mont Martre last summer when we were in Paris. 

This is Husband's painting. A bit nicer and a bit more expensive. One of Husband's favorite places in Paris is Notre Dame, and if you have ever been there you can understand why. The stain glass windows are a gorgeous example of French craftsmanship, and its overwhelming to be in the church. I honestly don't know how anyone would be able to focus on worshipping in the sanctuary with so much artwork to gaze upon.  

And this is the water color that I picked out. The Eiffel Tower was one of my favorite things about Paris, so I really wanted a painting of it. This water color was just so sunny that I couldn't refuse. I feel that it really captures the elation that I felt when I first saw it. 

  So these are just a few changes that we are making at the apartment. I hope you like them; we sure do. Enjoy your snow day if you have one. 

   - Jana