Sunday, October 9, 2011

Not Forgotten

I didn't forget that I had a blog. I always had it in the back of my mind that once things "settled down" that I would immediately get back to blogging. After all, I wouldn't want to let down my 3 loyal followers. We moved. My husband accepted a job in the big city, so we spent plenty of time packing and running all over the place enjoying the time between jobs.

Now we are in DFW, and loving every minute. It's a huge change, but the closeness of good friends, family, and more places to eat than we know what to do with have certainly softened the blow. The new exciting things about our new apartment are 1.) we have cable!, 2.) we have a fireplace, 3.) we have about 100 more square feet, and 4.) we have curtains in the living room!

I know these aren't super exciting changes, but they are for us. For years the Husband and I have wanted a fireplace that we could curl up in front of and watch a movie. Now all we need is a freeze this winter. Oh yes, the new curtains. You would like see a picture? Of course.

They look much better in real life than they do in the picture. The design reminds me of Ballard Designs a bit, and I just love that place. Check it out on-line if you aren't familiar with their products. These came from Lowes. I had a gift card from my mother in law that she gave me maybe 3 years ago that I hadn't spent.  Since this window gets a lot of heat during the day, we needed some blackout curtains. We originally had some black curtains with a tan swirly pattern on them. They were very pretty, but they didn't really go with any of our stuff. So I returned them and got these.

I never knew that having curtains that didn't match could make you sad. Every time I looked at the old ones I just became sad. First world problems, I know. But these are cheery and I smile every time I look at them. The real trick now is working in subtle splashes of teal. I have several vases and candlesticks that are the right color and will brighten up the room. I just have to find. That's right. We've been here 2 months and still have boxes and boxes that have not been unpacked. Thankfully, Husband doesn't equate my value as a wife with the number of boxes piled up in the office. :) He rocks like that.

  - Jana

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