Monday, June 27, 2011

Year 1

  The other day the Husband and I had our 1 year anniversary. That's right. 1 whole year together. How about a recap?

We got married. A good day to start. That day the girls and I ate Chick fil a twice and watched NCIS episodes on DVD while doing our hair. 

We eventually made it to Canada for our Honeymoon after 2 cancelled flights, and a day later than planned. The airlines lost our luggage, and we didn't have clean clothes for half the trip and Husband was sick for the other half.

A month later, I graduated with my Master's degree. 

We moved into the apartment.

We sold the house.

I spent a lot of time driving through Texas for work. We spent Thanksgiving with both families. 

But got Christmas Day to ourselves after celebrating early with my family and late with Husbands. He got me a Keurig. I got him a video game. We went to Ruidoso and rang in the new year during a blizzard and a power outage. My best friend got engaged. My Brother got engaged.

Then came the epic snow day where we got 4 days off of work! I think you might remember that.

We flew off to London with Husband's family and had ourselves a grand time. 

My Brother married a beautiful and wonderful woman.

Husband's best friend did the same.

Then we celebrated 1 year together. 

Happy 1 year anniversary to my Husband, although this post is a week late, but you knew that about me. 

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