Thursday, October 20, 2011

Office Space

 Since we moved to the new apartment, I told my husband that I needed my own work station. I have been working diligently in getting the extra bedroom aka the office set up for 1.) my sister in law who came to visit us last weekend and 2.) a place that I could actually work at.

The first thing was to get the desk cleared off, so that I could have a place to sit my laptop. Check. Then I needed cute accessories to spruce it up. Finally, I needed a bulletin board to place all my fun things on. I already had one, but hated the design. It is a yellowish board with pineapples on it. It's fine, just not my style. So the refurbishing had to begin. Here we go.

Here's the old board with the new fabric. It was $3.00 a yard at Joann's Fabrics, so I had to get 2 yards. 

Up close of the super cute hound's tooth. 

In progress.

All ribbon has been attached.

Now with buttons to hide the staples and hanging on the wall.

Now with fun pictures. If you're wondering that is a note from my husband that says "I thought bacon was the greatest thing ever... then I met you." I feel so loved. 

And here is my desk complete with a Mac laptop and Wall-E figurine.

Here is a better view with all my office supplies and my chair. It may not seem like a bit deal, but I have been wanting a writing desk forever! At the old apartment it just wasn't possible, but now I have a nice quiet place to work. Love it!

- Jana

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